Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
bm::_copyright< T >Internal structure
bm::all_set< T >Structure carries pointer on bit block with all bits 1
bm::all_set< T >::all_set_block
bm::bit_AND< W >Bit AND functor
bm::bit_ASSIGN< W >Bit ASSIGN functor
bm::bit_COUNT< W >Bit COUNT functor
bm::bit_COUNT_A< W >Bit COUNT A functor
bm::bit_COUNT_AND< W >Bit COUNT AND functor
bm::bit_COUNT_B< W >Bit COUNT B functor
bm::bit_COUNT_OR< W >Bit COUNT OR functor
bm::bit_COUNT_SUB_AB< W >Bit COUNT SUB AB functor
bm::bit_COUNT_SUB_BA< W >Bit SUB BA functor
bm::bit_count_table< T >Structure to aid in counting bits table contains count of bits in 0-255 diapason of numbers
bm::bit_COUNT_XOR< W >Bit COUNT XOR functor
bm::bit_grabber< T, BPC >
bm::bit_grabber< unsigned char, 8 >
bm::bit_grabber< unsigned short, 16 >
bm::bit_grabber< unsigned, 32 >
bm::bit_in< TDecoder >Byte based reader for un-aligned bit streaming
bm::bit_OR< W >Bit OR functor
bm::bit_out< TEncoder >Byte based writer for un-aligned bit streaming
bm::bit_SUB< W >Bit SUB functor
bm::bit_trans_grabber< T, BPC, BPS >
bm::bit_XOR< W >Bit XOR functor
bm::bvector< Alloc >::iterator_base::bitblock_descrInformation about current bitblock
bm::bitblock_get_adapterBit-block get adapter, takes bitblock and represents it as a get_32() accessor function /internal
bm::bitblock_store_adapterBit-block store adapter, takes bitblock and saves results into it /internal
bm::bitblock_sum_adapterBit-block sum adapter, takes values and sums it /internal
bm::block_allocatorDefault malloc based bitblock allocator class
bm::bvector< Alloc >::iterator_base::block_descr
bm::block_set_table< T >Structure keeps all-left/right ON bits masks
bm::globals< T >::bo
bm::bv_statisticsStructure with statistical information about bitset's memory allocation details
bm::bvector< Alloc >Bitvector with runtime compression of bits
bm::bvector_mini< A >Bitvector class with very limited functionality
bm::bvmini< N >Mini bitvector used in bvector template to keep block type flags
bm::copy_to_array_functor< B >Adaptor to copy 1 bits to array
bm::copy_to_array_functor_inc< B >Adaptor to copy 1 bits to array with base increment
bm::bvector< Alloc >::counted_enumeratorConstant input iterator designed to enumerate "ON" bits counted_enumerator keeps bitcount, ie number of ON bits starting from the position 0 in the bit string up to the currently enumerated bit
bm::d_copy_func< T >D-Gap copy functor
bm::DeBruijn_bit_position< T >
bm::decoderClass for decoding data from memory buffer
bm::decoder_baseBase class for all decoding functionality
bm::decoder_little_endianClass for decoding data from memory buffer
bm::decoder_range_adapter< DEC >Adapter to get words from a range stream (see range serialized bit-block)
bm::deseriaizer_base< DEC >Base deserialization class
bm::deserializer< BV, DEC >Class deserializer
bm::bvector< Alloc >::iterator_base::dgap_descrInformation about current DGAP block
bm::distance_metric_descriptorDistance metric descriptor, holds metric code and result
bm::encoderMemory encoding
bm::bvector< Alloc >::enumeratorConstant input iterator designed to enumerate "ON" bits
bm::first_bit_table< T >Structure keeps index of first right 1 bit for every byte
bm::gamma_decoder< T, TBitIO >Elias Gamma decoder
bm::gamma_encoder< T, TBitIO >Functor for Elias Gamma encoding
bm::gap_len_table< T >Default GAP lengths table
bm::gap_len_table_min< T >Alternative GAP lengths table. Good for for memory saver mode and very sparse bitsets
bm::gap_transpose_engine< GT, BT, BLOCK_SIZE >Bit-plain splicing of a GAP block
bm::globals< T >Internal structure
bm::bvector< Alloc >::insert_iteratorOutput iterator iterator designed to set "ON" bits based on input sequence of integers (bit indeces)
bm::bvector< Alloc >::iterator_baseBase class for all iterators
bm::iterator_deserializer< BV, SerialIterator >Iterator to walk forward the serialized stream
bm::mem_alloc< BA, PA >BM style allocator adapter
bm::miniset< A, N >Template class implements memory saving set functionality
bm::operation_deserializer< BV >Class deserializer, can perform logical operation on bit-vector and serialized bit-vector
bm::operation_functions< T >
bm::ptr_allocatorDefault malloc based bitblock allocator class
bm::ptr_guard< T >Mini auto-pointer for internal memory management
bm::random_subset< BV >
bm::bvector< Alloc >::referenceClass reference implements an object for bit assignment
bm::tmatrix< T, ROWS, COLS >::rstatRow characteristics for transposed matrix
bm::serial_stream_iterator< DEC >Serialization stream iterator
bm::serializer< BV >Bit-vector serialization class
bm::sse_empty_guardSSE2 reinitialization guard class
bm::bvector< Alloc >::statisticsStatistical information about bitset's memory allocation details
bm::tmatrix< T, ROWS, COLS >Mini-matrix for bit transposition purposes

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