Processor specific optimizations for SSE4.2 instructions
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bm::id_t bm::sse4_bit_count (const __m128i *block, const __m128i *block_end)
bm::id_t bm::sse4_bit_block_calc_count_change (const __m128i *BMRESTRICT block, const __m128i *BMRESTRICT block_end, unsigned *BMRESTRICT bit_count)

Function Documentation

bm::id_t bm::sse4_bit_block_calc_count_change ( const __m128i *BMRESTRICT  block,
const __m128i *BMRESTRICT  block_end,
unsigned *BMRESTRICT  bit_count 
) [inline]

SSE4.2 optimized bitcounting and number of GAPs

Definition at line 248 of file bmsse4.h.

Referenced by bm::bit_block_calc_count_change().

bm::id_t bm::sse4_bit_count ( const __m128i *  block,
const __m128i *  block_end 
) [inline]

SSE4.2 optimized bitcounting .

Definition at line 55 of file bmsse4.h.

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