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This is the main group. More...

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Data Structures

class  bm::bvector< Alloc >
 bitvector with runtime compression of bits. More...
class  bm::bvector< Alloc >::reference
 Class reference implements an object for bit assignment. More...
class  bm::bvector< Alloc >::iterator_base
 Base class for all iterators. More...
class  bm::bvector< Alloc >::insert_iterator
 Output iterator iterator designed to set "ON" bits based on input sequence of integers (bit indeces). More...
class  bm::bvector< Alloc >::enumerator
 Constant input iterator designed to enumerate "ON" bits. More...
class  bm::bvector< Alloc >::counted_enumerator
 Constant input iterator designed to enumerate "ON" bits counted_enumerator keeps bitcount, ie number of ON bits starting from the position 0 in the bit string up to the currently enumerated bit. More...
struct  bm::bv_statistics
 Structure with statistical information about bitset's memory allocation details. More...


enum  bm::strategy { bm::BM_BIT = 0, bm::BM_GAP = 1 }

Block allocation strategies.


Detailed Description

This is the main group.

It includes bvector template: front end of the bm library.

Enumeration Type Documentation

Block allocation strategies.


No GAP compression strategy. All new blocks are bit blocks.


GAP compression is ON.

Definition at line 115 of file bmconst.h.

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