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Elias Gamma encoding of bit-vector Delta gaps (D-Gaps)
Elias Gamma encoding in BitMagic 3.6.0

CUDA vs. SSE2. Part 1.
CUDA vs. SSE2. Part 2.
SSE2 vs CUDA in parallel bit stream transposition / similarity.
Project BLOG. Tests, research, rumors, ideas... BLOG!

Data Compression 101
What is data compression? Here's an introduction to this important topic.

Hierarchical Compression
How to effectively implement operations on bitsets, using on-the-fly adaptive compression without a significant performance sacrifice.

D-Gap Compression
D-Gap compression is an excellent method of compressing data, in the right circumstances.

64-bit Programming And Optimization.
Review of 64-bit coding challenges and performance optimization methods.

Optimization of memory allocations.
Memory allocation related issues and performance optimization strategies. How to employ STL style allocators in BM.

Bitvector as a container
What if bitset would have iterators? Discussed design of special iterator-like type (enumerator) in BM.

128-bit SSE2 optimization
Review of 128-bit SSE2 optimizations of bitwise operations in BM library.

Using BM library in memory saving mode
Review of techniques of how to tune BM so bvector<> template uses less memory.

Efficient distance metrics
Computing binary distance metrics is one of the CPU intensive tasks. Article discusses how cache aware algorithms can be used to optimize it.