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It is always fun to know your comments, suggestions and advice.
If you have something please drop an e-mail to the  BitMagic Team.
Or use our Open Forum provided by SourceForge.

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Anatoliy Kuznetsov (TLK), Gaithersburg, MD.
Project coordinator. C++ coding. Web site design.
Maxim Shemanarev (McSeem), Exton, PA.
Lots of ideas. Code contribution (Hierarchical compression, serialization). Maxim has his own Open Source project The AntiGrain Geometry.
Igor Tolstoy, Gaithersburg, MD.
Beta testing. Ideas and enthusiasm. CUDA hacker.
Emmie Lewis, Houston, TX.
Web site design.
Oleg Khovayko, Gaithersburg, MD.
Contributed optimization tips and algorithms for bitcounting and lexicographical comparison.